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                                                                                              Skill Levels For Classes On Demand  

Our skill level definitions are used for all our classes: Sewing, Quilting, Knitting, Crocheting, & Wool Applique. If you have questions about the skill levels of any of our classes, please don’t hesitate to call the shop during our normal business hours at: 507-710-4055.


Very Beginner:  For those who have the passion to learn and a basic understanding of the creative art.  However, you need guidance and support from                               one of our instructions to help aid you in the basic step by step processes.


Beginner: For the started who knows the basics of the creative art well and has completed a small project on their own and needed a small amount of                        instruction.


Advanced Beginner: For those who have completed a few projects, has basic knowledge, and can follow basic instructions with little to no guidance.


Intermediate:  For those who know well the basics to the full capability and can complete more advanced projects with little guidance.


Advanced: For the crafter who has vast knowledge and experience in this creative art.